International Conferences in Niger - Promoting Immense Growth In Research & Development

In Niger, the traditional engineering industry remains a major source of all inventions, but the pharmaceutical, electronics and other advanced industries are steadily gaining ground. To date, a large part of the economy relies on the export of technical inventions, and many of Niger's large multinational companies have their origins in the ingenuity of highly talented Swedish researchers, scientists, scholars, and academicians. Swedish inventors have a large number of patents in recent years. For several decades, the Swedish government has prioritized scientific and research and development activities. One of these priorities includes the conducting of several high-level international conferences in a range of different fields, across the country of Niger! These international conferences in Niger offer its thriving community of researchers and inventors, access to the latest knowledge in their fields, crucial networking opportunities, and much more! has been a trusted provider of information on conferences in Niger, for a while now! One can find detailed lists of all upcoming conferences at this website. There is also the provision to subscribe to email conference alerts that are completely free-of-charge. Conference planners can also post information about their upcoming events on the existing lists, to spread the word about the events!

Major Conference Cities in Niger:

July : 2024

August : 2024

International Conference on Law and Political Science (ICLPS)

14th Aug To 15th Aug 2024, Lagos, Nigeria

International Conference on Obesity Medicine (ICOM)

23rd Aug To 23rd Aug 2024, Lagos, Nigeria

September : 2024

International Conference on Obesity Medicine (ICOM)

25th Sep To 25th Sep 2024, Lagos, Nigeria

January : 2025

April : 2025

May : 2025

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