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ROBOTICS Robotics are those technology which influences every aspect of work. The field of computer science and engineering concerned with creating robots are called Robotics. ROBOT means Residents Official Board of Technology. Engelberger, is known as the Father of the Modern Robotics Industry. Robotics refer the conception, manufacture, design & operation of robots with the help of electronics, computer science,  nano technology, bioengineering etc. Robotic is also one of the advanced and emerging technologies in the field of medice. In this field its prime focus of the healthcare services in general word, surgery room and most importantly in ICU and it is also utilized in laboratories to collect the sample. In 1954 the 1st digitally operated and programmable robot named ‘Unimate’ was invented by George Devol. Unimate was an autonomous, pre-programmed robot and it repeatedly performed the same task.  From that period modern robotics industry was started. At Stanford, Shakey the robot is invented in 1966. Shakey’s mounted camera shook as the robot moved that’s why it was called Shakey. ASEA IRB 6 was launched in 1970 and that was the 1st electronically driven robot & it was controlled by microprocessors named ‘Intel 8008’. In 1981 the 1st embedded motors robot was developed by Takeo Kanade. In modern age or digital age we are more depended upon robotics. That’s why we can arrange conferences regarding robotics to create awareness about robotic for the people.     

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