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Free Publication in Scopus indexed Journals

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It is very easy and does not require much effort to publish papers in Scopus indexed journals. So majority of researcher believe to publishing their papers in Scopus journals. If a journal is in indexed how do you find it? Yes you type the journal title on the search box and click on the search button. Then the journal details will be shown if it is in the Library.

Publication of journals is a key part of the research process. It is enabling you to communicate your findings and ideas to the rest of the research community and demonstrate impact within your field. When you submitting your papers to your chosen journal, please have a look at the guidelines provided on the relevant journal’s homepage. Starting a new journal with or transferring an existing journal to Springer open is entirely free of charge. Under the open access publishing model, there are no access barriers such as subscription charges for users.

As it has become business, there are so many paid journals indexed with Scopus journal. But if you want to search for citation and an author’s history of publication, you can use Elsevier Scopus free edition or preview.

How to publish your Journals?

  1. Before you start, 1st you find various Scopus Indexed sites and then follow and read it properly. Get knowledge about current editorial policies. Then open access at Springer. Rights, permission and licensing are required. And lastly you have to get copyright and plagiarism on your work.
  2. Prepare yourself for publication. On this step you find the right journal for your manuscript. Manuscript preparation in the form of electronic supplementary material. Then contact the author support team for the publication.
  3. Submission your article/content/paper according to the process of the relevant journals. It must be electronic submission. Then reviewing your work and acceptance it. Next step for publishing your article is preprint sharing then contact the author to get support.
  4. Then work for the production. In this stage you have to copy editing, language polishing, data processing and typesetting. Finally checking the article for proofing procedure. Then e-proofing and get the author support.
  5. Publication stage: 1stly publishing your article in online mode, then in a journal issue.

After publication citation alert. Article level metrics and marketing to worldwide audiences. Getting a book discount and Springer link share.

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